Personalized Member Marketing

Each of your members will receive a electronic Member Benefit Statement with personalized content that promotes your checking accounts, money market accounts, car loans, credit cards, mortgages, home equity loans and more, depending on the current member relationship.

The MBS builds awareness of your products, services and your great rates directly with the members who need them most. The MBS then highlights the primary benefits for adding services they are not currently using.

Finally the member is provided with quick and easy direct links to learn more and to apply for those products and services right away.

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Powerful Tracking & Follow Up

Each MBS campaign includes detailed statistics on delivery, viewing, and click throughs. We can also integrate right into your site's Google Analytics tracking to close the loop and learn more about member conversion rates.

Because we can tell specifically what members responded to what product offerings, we can optionally provide powerful follow-up email marketing campaigns to take advantage of that member interest.

A targeted offer which provides the right information to the right person at the right time is not only a great service to your members but it can yield high returns on your marketing investment.

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Easy to Implement

We have already done all the heavy lifting, so implementing the Member Benefit Statement will be easy!

We will work with your staff to create content, customize graphic design elements, personalize, send, and track your Member Benefit Statement campaign.

The MBS can also be integrated inside your secure online banking site for 24/7 member access.

We make it easy to personalize for your Members and we take care of all other details.

The Member Benefit Statement is so easy, affordable, and effective that you will want to send it several times per year.

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