How It Works

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What is a Member Benefit Statement?
The Member Benefit Statement® is a personalized electronic marketing tool designed to grow your relationships with your members to increase the lifetime value of a member as they add on new services.

Simple but powerful, the MBS® builds member awareness of your products and services and your great rates, and promotes the benefits of adding additional services like checking accounts, money market accounts, car loans, credit cards, mortgages and home equity loans.  Each member is delivered a custom report identifying the products and services they are already using and highlighting the beneficial products and services that they are not yet taking advantage of. For each product or service, a direct link is included to access that benefit, learn more or apply for those products and services online, right away.

Electronic MBS
Before it evolved into an electronic marketing powerhouse, the original MBS was a very effective direct mail product. Now, Watson Marketing is offering a digital version of the Member Benefit Statement that can be delivered to members for less than the cost of presort postage.  In addition to being budget friendly, the electronic MBS can allow members to immediately access benefits, open accounts and apply for loans from the convenience of their computer, ipad or mobile phone.   This amazingly effective cross-selling tool is sure to help you meet or exceed your cross selling goals. Click the images below to see an example electronic Member Benefit Statement in both desktop and mobile device views.

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A Legacy of Success
All of this innovation is based on a solid foundation of “old school” direct mail marketing. For 15 years, the direct mail version of the MBS was mailed to millions of credit union members, consistently producing a return on investment of 150% or more and helping credit unions grow relationships with their members.  Many of our credit unions mailed the direct mail version of the MBS over and over again, with continued success.  Many credit unions mailed specially targeted versions of the MBS to different segments of the member base with different areas of emphasis, for example mailing to members with no loans or checking accounts. Now you can distribute the MBS to your membership for a fraction of the cost of the print mail version!

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Online Banking Integration
In addition to being an effective periodic outreach tool, the Member Benefit Statement can also be integrated directly into your online banking features as an ongoing member resource. This transforms the MBS from a direct marketing piece into a personalized up-to-date snapshot of each member’s benefits and an integrated cross selling powerhouse within your trusted online banking environment. Click the images below to see an example of the Member Benefit Statement integrated into online banking.

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